Gifts and Legacies

Uncategorized Jul 31, 2016

Making a Legacy

Did you know that around one third of money received by charities is given in the form of gifts and legacies in people's Wills?

Without this form of income many charities cannot continue their activities and support and have to rely solely on fundraising or donations.   Large or small, each gift is always well received.

Many people don't even think about giving to charity in their Will as they are often unaware that this can be done.

You can specify a lump sum or a percentage of your estate whichever you prefer.

You may have a particular charity in mind or even more than one.  Every gift you leave will be well used to continue the work your charity is engaged in.   It could be that you are already supporting a local charity and want to ensure their good work continues.  If you are an animal lover, there are plenty of animal charities to choose from.  Perhaps you or a loved one has received care from a specialist charity such as a cancer or dementia charity and you would like to repay their kindness by leaving them a gift.

It's really simple to do too.  When making your will just make sure you tell your Will Writer to add in a charitable gift to your chosen charity and how much or what percentage you wish to leave them.

Then, when your Executors are dealing with your estate after you have departed, they will see that you wish to make a charitable gift and will ensure payment is made in accordance with your instructions.


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