Stop Putting it Off

Uncategorized Jan 09, 2018

There are things we all avoid in life.

Things like clearing out the cupboard under the sink, sorting out those bookshelves and oh yes, making a Will.

Clearing out the cupboard may make things a little tidier but won't really have a great impact on our lives, but making a Will, well that certainly makes a difference.

I hear comments all the time like, I really must get a Will made, but not just at the moment. Or no, it's being morbid.

Back in 2014, on a Friday afternoon in January, I sat in our doctors surgery with my husband Robert. I can still hear the words ringing around my head as we heard that Robert had been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

After the initial shock, we decided that we were going to fight this but at the same time would take steps to make provisions should the worst happen.

We weren't being morbid, we were being practical.

It's now 2018 and Robert is really no further forward despite having surgeries, treatment etc. The tumour remains and is still troublesome.

I urge you to have a think about your will. Making a Will isn't about you. It's about those you leave behind. In their distress you have the opportunity to provide clarity and guidance.

So don't put if off any longer. Make a Will today.



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