What's in a Letter of Wishes?

Uncategorized Jan 24, 2018
So exactly what is a Letter of Wishes? A Letter of Wishes is made to include all the things you wouldn't necessary detail in your Will. For example, you can specify detailed funeral requirements, from whom should be invited, the specific format of the service, even down to the music and songs you would like performed. So if you want an eco funeral, in a wicker basket, tied with pink raffia and each guest to come forward and place a flower, during a service on top of a hillside followed by a vegan barbecue in a teepee, then that's fabulous, and you can really go to town in your Letter of Wishes. Similarly, you can also include some sealed pre-written letters to friends and family members to be stored with your Letter of Wishes. You can also include a pre-recorded DVD message to be played at the funeral or wake or perhaps a poem or funny story you would like read out. The possibilities are endless, but you should note that a Letter of Wishes can never take the place of your Will, it is a supplementary document. If you have written a Letter of Wishes then this should be kept safely, but also in a place where your loved ones can find it. Imagine, that should this be found after the funeral and it contained very specific instructions which had not been followed, how distressing this could be for your family. If you have never written a Letter of Wishes, or don't know where to start, we can help. We can provide you with a FREE template and sample upon request.

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