Why it's Important to Store Your Will Securely

Uncategorized Aug 31, 2017

OK, so now you have made your Will and that's a great start.

The next important thing to consider is where it is stored. Is it at home? With your Solicitor? With a relative?

Imagine what would happen if you died. Would your next of kin be able to locate your Will and if they did, would they be absolutely sure that it was the most current and up to date Will?

Did you know that if your Will was located but was not the most recent Will, it would be used to administer your estate?

It might be that your family were not aware that you had re-written your will and that the one they have in their possession might not actually reflect your wishes.

It's worth noting that the most recent Will which can be located is the one that will be used to obtain Probate.

This is why we advise all our clients to ensure that their Will is stored securely. Wills can be lost during house moves, destroyed in a house fire and if stored with a Solicitor that is no longer trading, can be difficult to track down.

There are opportunities to store your Will in a national Will storage facility, which means that the documents are stored away from your home in a secure storage bunker.

Each document is given a unique storage number and this is in turn registered onto a national database which can be accessed for easy retrieval in the future.

This is by far the best way to store your Will as it means that you have a personal storage certificate and you can give copies of this to your Executors so they can retrieve your Will in the event of your death.

You should also be aware, that if your original signed copy of the Will is stored at home, and cannot be found, even it it's existence is known, then you would have deemed to have died Intestate, ie. as if you did not have a Will.

So, it follows, that when making your Will, you should ensure that it is correctly signed and witnessed and most important of all that it is accessible to your Executors when you have passed away.



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