Additional Services

In addition to the services offered we also provide a wide range of complimentary services.

This means that we can provide you with a good all round comprehensive service to the level you require.

Whether you are dealing with making provisions for your estate after your death, or dealing with the deceased estate of a loved one we have both the expertise and knowledge you need.

Inheritance Tax Planning

This is a massive topic and can encompass many different provisions you can make to protect your families inheritance.

We would need to have an in depth chat with you about exactly what you would like to achieve and then having performed an audit asset we would make some sound financial recommendations for you to consider..

Funeral Planning

Whether you want to arrange a prepaid funeral plan or arrange a funeral for a recent bereavement, we can help you.

Working together with local organisations we can guide you through the funeral planning process and at the same time provide you with the funeral you require and at the level of your budget.

Other Legal Services

There are a number of other legal services we can offer you, such as Family Law, Divorce, Conveyancing and Property, and many more.

We have partnered with a number of local and national law firms who are committed to giving our clients the best possible legal services.

Financial Services

Through our relationships with a number of lenders, mortgage companies and insurance providers, we can offer mortgages, general insurance and secured and unsecured loans.

If you have any such requirements we would be more than happy to have a chat with you and refer you to our partners for their advice and recommendations.

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Tel: 0333 240 0851 (local call rate)

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