What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?

A Lasting Power of Attorney, or LPA, is a legal document in which you can appoint "Attorneys" to act on your behalf should you be unable to make decisions either now or in the future.

LPA's are registered with the Office of Public Guardian and kept on a national register so that if anything happens to you your loved ones can retrieve the LPA and use it to manage your affairs.

An LPA can only be set up by you (the Donor) whilst you still have mental capacity to sign the forms, but can be held until such time it is deemed necessary to be called upon.


LPA - Property & Finance

The most widely used LPA is the Property and Finance option. This document allows you to nominate an Attorney to manage your finances and property. For example, they would be able to look after your bank accounts, savings, pensions, DWP Benefits and everything relating to your property. The application process allows you to determine when the Attorney may act on your behalf, for example only in the event of the loss of mental capacity. Or if you prefer, consent may be granted immediately.

LPA - Health & Welfare 

The Health and Welfare LPA is designed for you to nominate an Attorney to make decisions regarding your medical and welfare care should you be unable to do so. This would typically include decisions about your medical treatment and care at home or residential care. In addition, you can also specify your wishes about resuscitation should you become in a life threatening situation.

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