Care Costs

Many people who own their own homes, or have savings are finding that when they or their partner receives local authority care either at home or residential their home may be at risk.

This is because the local authority has the power to force a sale of the property to generate funds to pay for the cost of care if the last remaining resident has to receive care.

For example, if you are a homeowner, have some savings or investments you may find that if you have to move to residential care your assets would be means tested to see if the value exceeds the current threshold, and if so, you may be forced to sell your home to cover your care costs.

Even if you go into care leaving your partner at home, then the local authority could place a charge against the property so when it is sold later on the funds received would firstly have to settle the care bill before any remaining funds are distributed in accordance with your Will.

There are a number of ways we can help you protect your assets against seizure or at least minimise the effects of this. As more and more people are receiving care from their local authority then this issue is becoming more common as more and more people face losing their homes and their children losing any inheritance.

What to do Next

If you think you might be affected by some form of claim for care costs in the future, then you must contact us now.

It is very important to make the necessary arrangements as early as possible so that when and if the time comes your assets are already safe.

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