Property Titles - First Registration

We sometimes come across properties or parcels of land which have not yet been registered with Land Registry.  This is often found when dealing with a deceased estate where the property was lived in since before title numbers were allocated by Land Registry.

In order to transfer the ownership of the land or property it must firstly be registered with a valid title number. This is a fairly simple process provided that the owner can provide proof of ownership. If the property has ever been subject of a mortgage then it's almost certainly already been registered, but in some cases where a cash sale was transacted it ay be that the title number was never allocated. Often, we discover that title was not sought it's during the Probate process when a transfer to beneficiaries is to be implemented.

What's Involved?

It's a fairly straightforward process and we would require proof of ownership along with an indication of the boundaries of the land or property involved.

During our preliminary searches we would usually be able to see the boundaries and this is useful to then process the required documentation and submit to Land Registry.

Once the process is completed, we would receive written confirmation of the Title number which would then allow the sale or transfer of the property involved.

How much does it Cost?

Now that's a very good question, and we are glad you asked.

We charge a fee of £795.00 to implement this facility for you. 

Our fee includes all searches, completion of forms and submission of the final application.

Land Registry Property Search

For just £9.99 we can perform a property search today on your land or property to see if you need to apply for First Registration.

Whether you are unsure as to whether your property or land is registered, or need to find out who owns a particular property or parcel of land or even need to establish the boundaries we can help.

It could be that you are looking to take over a piece of land you have been using for a while and need to know whether it has a current owner and what steps can be taken to give you legal ownership.

Just get in touch and drop us a note of what you need and we will back to you right away.


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